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European Consumers Choice is an independent non-profit-making organisation based in Brussels and developed to reward companies for their best design, innovations and for the ease of use of their product.


Our jury and  partners in the field of industry, design, tourism and the specialised press select products on the basis of their originality, innovative features and exceptional qualities.


The products are tested under everyday conditions by European consumers who assess, evaluate and comment on their functionality, innovative features and design. Companies which score above the average receive the European Consumer Awards title and are authorised to use the European Consumers Awards logo on all their communications, products, multimedia, websites; in addition, the European Consumers Choice website (and on our social network : Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest) features an individual page dedicated to their company including a description of their product and consumers notes and comments. ECC has also a partnership with alaTest which broadcasts our testers’ feedback on the world’s market.



All companies, designers, agencies, service industries (hotels, health club and leisure centres) may enter the competition.  European Consumers Choice‘s main aim is to promote top quality, innovative and functional products and services. Top brands as well as young designers compete on an equal footing for our awards and are judged on the quality of their creation by professionals and European consumers.

Since our establishment in 2009 , these brands and designers have been awarded :