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Samsonite Cosmopolite

Samsonite Cosmolite awarded

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Porto? The best place to travel in Europe ! (2014)


Prepare to be astonished and enchanted by the sheer amount of resources available to you in Porto. Whether you seek authenticity and follow the scent of history throughout the town or whether you are drawn to all things new in this cosmopolitan city, Porto is waiting for you.


Porto is different: think port wine and good food, a historical centre so amazing that UNESCO has designated it World Cultural Heritage; think museums, parks, gardens, bars, fashion boutiques, think majesty, think the river Douro, think Porto. Come.


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Discover our top 10 destinations in Europe ! (2012)


20 selected towns competed for the prestigious title of Best European Destination 2012. After a three weeks’ period of online voting Porto is elected the best European Destination 2012 and won the title ahead of 19 big european cities.


Vienna, Dubrovnik, Prague, Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Lisbon, Florence and Edinburgh are the next best destinations for a holiday or city-trip in 2012.


European best destination 2012 map

Copenhagen awarded European Best Destination for 2011


Copenhagen is one of Europe's finest shopping destinations and has become a first class gourmet experience, with Michelin star restaurants, and Noma that was voted the worlds' best restaurant in 2010. Danish design items such as Bang and Olufsen stereos, Royal Copenhagen porcelain and Georg Jensen silverware, are world famous.


Crumpled city map awarded by European Consumers Choice


How many times have you driven yourself mad trying to fold a map along the original creases? How many times have you been tempted to screw it into a ball and stuff it in your pocket or bag? Here is the map you've always wanted: it is soft, extra-light, beautiful to look at and doesn't mind being ill-treated. It is truly indestructible.


Aspria Harbour Club Milan awarded Best European Health Club 2011

The European Consumers' Choice Association has pre-selected and visited facilities that met the two fundamental requirements of accessibility for physically disabled people and accessibility for families by encouraging childrens’ sports practice and offering a nursery service to affiliated members.



Aspria Louise Brussels - European Best Health Club- 2010


Aspria Avenue Louise - an exceptional hideaway.



European Best Destination 2010 - Lisbon


For this first edition of the Best Destination 2010, the wonderful city of Lisbon has been selected by european consumers as the most beautiful place to go for a trip or a week.