Bacsac bacsquare 4 awarded by European Consumers Choice
Bacsac bacsquare 4 awarded by European Consumers Choice




  Consumers notation : Design : 9.6 - Ease of use : 9.2 - Innovation : 9.7 - Global notation : 9.5
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BACSAC® was born with the encounter between designer Godefroy de Virieu and landscapers Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu. Together, they looked for an alternative solution to get round the constraints of the creation of a roof garden in town: difficulties of transportation, excessive weight, but also lack of choice of containers, most of which are often very expensive. How can we reverse the tendency to pay more for the container than the contents? How can we make mobile an instalation which is often fixed because of its weight and its rigidity? How can we create a planted area at the lowest cost?


The idea of planting in bags comes from this desire to change habits and valorize what it should be, the plant. They are launching the manufacture of bags in a permeable geotextile to prevent asphyxiation of the soil.

Bacsquare 4 : the kitchen garden

Bacsac bacsquare 4 awarded by European Consumers Choice



Bacsquare is a flexible, lightweight and durable garden kit. It’s geotextile walls are held by fabric straps which define 4 growing squares.


Bacsquare is very simple to install wherever you want, at home, on the terrace, in the office, on the balcony or in the courtyard of your building!


Technical characteristics

  • 100 % recyclable

  • protects the roots
  • 290 Liters
  • L60 - W60 - l60 



  • lets the soil breathe

  • lets the water pass through
limits evaporation



  • Tear and traction resistant





Consumers opinions

"Nature first. At last a container that breathes freedom, is very durable, discrete and beautiful, and you won’t get tired of it"
"Suspended, or vegetable garden, this is a wonderful way to develop a micro-ecology anywhere around you."
"The best way to bring nature into your office, your home or your terrace."