BOBY by B-LINE - European consumers choice
Boby by B-LINE awarded by  European Consumers Choice




  Consumers notation : Design : 9.8 - Ease of use : 9.7 - Innovation : 9.5 - Global notation : 9.7
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No conventionalism, please!

At B-LINE we have no time for those wanting to run after the latest fad, since this will be old-hat by tomorrow and because it takes very little effort to do what everyone else is doing. The real challenge is in producing objects that are both original and functional, in innovating and keeping up the irony, taking, of course, the aesthetic component into consideration as well.


If the choice lies between inside or outside, let it be outside, where there is more air, greater light and freedom of movement.

Twelve years from its foundation, B-LINE considers itself a youthful brand name, like the people making it up. Perhaps it is because of this that the company loves Italy, where it proudly maintains its production; but where collaborations linked to design are concerned, we look abroad without hesitation. Because designing means looking ahead, while keeping all the best of everything achieved so far.

Boby, design Joe Colombo :

Boby is a trolley storage unit which has made its mark on history, mainly due to its outstanding versatility. Designed to guarantee simple vertically modular solutions and provide high, customised storage capacity.


The structure and drawers are made from injection-moulded ABS plastic, while the casters are made of polypropylene.


Awarded first prize at SMAU in 1971.


Part of permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and “Triennale” in Milan.





Consumers opinions

"Forty years ago Joe Columbo created Bobby, a timeless icone which succeeded in translating plastic into elegance, style in the best of taste"
"Boby is really practical. I use it level with my work station to organise my mail and office supplies. It is visually attractive, an excellent timeless creation"
"I know that my GP has one and I have envied him for years. I thought I might be able to get one from a vintage outlet and now I realise that I can get a brand new one in the colour of my choice for a very decent price. Fortunately there are still companies prepared to revive the best products of the last decades"