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  Consumers notation : Design : 8.8 - Ease of use : 9.6 - Innovation : 8.9 - Global notation : 9.1
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j-me was founded in september 2000 with the desire to create products for the design conscious. winning awards along the way and successfully exporting the j-me brand globally, j-me has worked hard to earn a reputation for consistently producing high-quality products that show a love of design, attention to detail and a sense of humour. located in the creative hub of london's oxo tower, brothers jamie and mark follow a focused design ethos which results in a range of products that encompass original, intelligent design and everyday function.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we design & manufacture original ideas. we spend a great deal of time generating fun, emotive yet functional products that solve everyday problems. every j-me product goes through a meticulous development process. we generate dozens of ideas searching for that one concept that we feel is right. this evolves from an idea in the head to a quick sketch, then numerous models, building prototypes & eventually mass production. this whole process can take between 6 to 18 months depending on the nature & complexity of the product.


We only ever launch products we are proud of & happy to put our name on. we hope this brief insight gives you a taste of the journey our ideas goes through to become a product.

nibble coaster by j-me

The Nibble Coaster, the product that really does ooze style and class from every one of its sleek and seductive curves.

Launching in September 2012, the Nibble Coaster combines two luxuries which go hand in hand – drink and appetisers. Be a great host to your guest by serving nuts, olives or maybe even some crisps in this ratherdashing coaster and snack dish.

This product is also perfect for those lazy nights in, whether it be enjoying a glass of wine after a hard day or a soothing cup of tea or coffee.


The Nibble Coaster provides the perfect space for easy to reach snacks or biscuits!

Made from ceramic, this noble and modest design truly captures the essence of wining and dining with its sophisticated look and feel. So relax with the nibbles snack coaster and let it cater for you and all of your guests.




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Consumers reviews

"What can I say ? It is so well thought out ! Why have we not seen this before ? Of course they say that real ideas of genius are the most obvious !"
"Very atmospheric with the X comfort factor for a brief moment of naughtiness…"
"One coffee and two biscuits precisely ! Just the right amount of an irresistible little something without engulfing 1000 calories !"
"Ideal for batchelors like me. Ok, I don’t mind sharing what I have but my nibble coaster is MINE !"
"Top marks for presentation ! No need to fumble into a big bowl of crisps. This is more …refined and amusing !"