Sto Lotusan awarded by European Consumers Choice




  Consumers notation : Ease of use: 9.3 - Self-cleaning: 10 - Innovation: 9.6 - Global notation : 9.6
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StoLotusan technology

Dirt runs off facades with the rain.

The leaves of the lotus plant are immaculately clean after every rainfall. This is because dirt and microorganisms are unable to obtain a hold on the microstructured, non-wettable surfaces of the leaves. Dirt particles, algae and fungal spores do not become firmly attached to the leaves, merely lying loosely on the surfaces. Rain simply washes the particles away. Scientists have managed to apply this natural protective effect to an facade paint.

A team of scientists under Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Barthlott at the University of Bonn discovered the so-called Lotus-Effect® by learning from nature's model. They observed that the leaves of the lotus plant are always clean after it has rained. This is due to the microstructured, extremely water-repellent leaf surface. Many research laboratories have since sought to utilise this effect. Manufacturers of car paints, textile fibres or sanitary ceramics seek solutions for their fields of application. The "StoLotusan Color" facade paint marked the first successful practical application of the Lotus Effect. For a number of years now, many home owners have been benefiting from dry facades which retain their attractive appearance for a longer period. About 40 million square metres of facade surfacing has since been coated with the facade paint featuring the Lotus Effect. 





Consumers opinions

"As I was told it was supposed to remove dirt, I painted a wall outside the garden with it, a wall that is used to be splashed with water and dirt from the hanging baskets. Before I used the Sto, the wall was covered with dirt and patches of mold Now, my walls are neat, well-protected and still they’re breathing."
"I live in Porto, a beautiful and wet city! I have to clean and paint the facade every two or three years because of the patches of mould. The most surprising thing is that this painting creates a protection barrier without preventing  walls from breathing."
"I have put the Sto once. The walls will remain neat  for a very long time. Thank God I’m not a  handyman!"
"I saw the video tests on a plasterboard, it was soaked in mud and emerged all white after painting it. I must say it was a pleasure to do the same test again because I was not sure that the product was that good. I  just  put one layer on a  very porous material but it worked! My little plasterboard was all white. The promise is kept."
"The painting is very easy to apply. No need for special tools, the rendering is perfect, smooth and clean. The coverage is superior to other paintings and protections against dust, dirt and mold .It works right away and is impact resistent."